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We are a medium sized company.

Our power lies in the fact we pay attention to detail. In each case, we achieve results by combining our skills with state-of-art equipment and an approach to customer relations that involves the client in every step of production process. All of our films aim to take the exact form desired. Twinkle world, has long specialized in delivering the quality and content that our clients require on a range of budgets, in all conditions, and within tight time frames. You can rely on Twinkle world to deliver, no matter how demanding your needs are, or how tight your schedule is. Whether it is a complete production process from research right through to post-production, or a stand-alone production project requiring just a single service, we guarantee to supply the most committed crews and best quality technical equipment available.

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To be a major contributor in mainstream media for photography, video coverage, event organizing, generating creative ideas, and to be the preferred provider of production services for both TV and Radio, for the local and international markets.


We show pride, enthusiasm and dedication in our work. We are committed and dedicated to deliver tailor made service and products suitable to our clients’ needs and objectives.

Our Company Process
Client Briefing

During the creative consultation process, Twinkle World talks to the client about what they wants to say with their television commercial. Clients need to advertise a new product or service with a memorable commercial that is entertaining while conveying important information. The production company writes all of the necessary points down and pitches ideas to the client based upon the information. After the client and production company decide on a few ideas that will work, the production company will go to work on the next steps of the production process.


The pre-production process includes scriptwriting, location scouting, prop collection, hiring actors, equipment renting and creating shot-lists. The pre-production stage is the stage in which all of the TV commercial's scheduling is created. Commercial shoots are planned down to the minute because time is literally money. If a shoot runs long, hiring actors, renting equipment and reserving locations will inflate your budget.


The actual filming of the commercial takes place during the production phase of the TV commercial production process. The director coordinates the shoot using the shot list and shooting script. Actors give multiple takes for dialogue and actions specified in the script. Production for TV commercials can take a day or multiple days of shooting, depending on the length of the commercial and the intricacy of the script. Once all of the shots are filmed, the director sends the video files to the editor.


The post-production process includes all video editing, sound editing and exporting of the TV commercial. Video editing is performed on a non-linear editing system (NLE). The footage is reviewed, and the best performances from the actors are put together by the editor. Once all of the video editing is completed, the sound is mixed to make the audio levels even. Music and sound effects are finally added to the commercial. Once completed, the commercial is exported to a hard drive or uploaded, depending on the needs of the TV studio, and delivered.

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Develops creative solutions that exceeds output standards in production and digital marketing industries.

- Naivas

Makes a substantial contribution to the continued operation and growth of the organization in documenting and broadcasting what we stand for.

- Stanbic Bank

Develops innovative strategies such as advertising in major TV and radio stations.

- National Bank

Is able to turn visions into actual action plans in terms of creativity and advertising.

- Penta Kenya

Promotes the institution culture among peers.

- KCA University

Devises improved means of accomplishing results as per the mission statement of our organization.

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